Magnum can provide the right tools and equipment to
complete the job efficiently.

Enclosed Office Trailer

Insulated, heated and equipped with office space, meeting room and tool crib area, our job-site trailer allows Magnum’s team to be self-contained while still being mobile.
Magnum Technical Services

Rigging equipment

Our rigging equipment includes slings, chain hoists, comealongs, and shackles for a wide range in lifting capacity.

Laser Alignment Equipment

We use the latest in alignment technology to ensure accuracy when installing and maintaining your equipment.

Tools for the Job

Magnum has a wide variety of power and hand tools ready for shutdown and maintenance projects, large and small.

Hydrotesting Equipment

We can supply complete hydrotesting services including pumps, filters, hoses, fittings and gauges.

Specialized Equipment

Magnum can supply a wide range of power mobile equipment including manlifts, telehandlers, mobile cranes, trucks and trailers to meet your project requirements.

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