Technical Services


Magnum’s expertise in testing, inspections, and installation of specialized equipment make them the right choice to handle your project. We can take on many different types of technical service projects and installations but with over 20+ years of experience in the power generation industry, one of our specialties is in generator testing and repair.

Our Technical Services include:

  • Instrumentation technician/engineer
  • Hydrotesting
  • Safety Management and Supervision
    • Confined Space Monitors
    • Fire Watch
    • Site Safety Supervisor
    • Employee Training
Tech Services - Hanna
Technical Services - Generator Inspection

Magnum Technical Services provides generator inspection and repair.

  • Generator services
    • Detailed inspections of both generator rotors and stators
    • Installation of Flux Probes
    • Installation of Stator Slot Couplers (SSCs)
    • Installation of bus duct couplers
    • EL CID testing for stator core
    • Bump Testing (Vibration Analysis for stator winding)
    • Rewedging work including the supply of wedges and slot liner materials
    • Insulation repair
    • Slip ring inspection and repair
  • Turbine Services
    • Valve inspection and repair
    • Gas turbine assembly and disassembly services
    • Combustor inspections
    • Shim pinning
    • Specialized machining service
    • Portable Machining Services
      • Flange facing
      • Portable milling
      • Line boring
      • Stud oversizing
  • Laser Shaft Alignment Services
    • Magnum uses the " Easy Laser" shaft alignment system. This is a high quality system that guarantees the precise alignment of your pumps, motors, gearboxes, compressors and other equipment.


Technical Services - Steam Valve

Steam turbine valve service is offered by Magnum. Services include assembly and disassmebly, inspection, measurement and component replacement.

Technical Services - Compessor Services

Magnum offers inspection and repair services on compressors large and small.

Tech Services - Flange facing

Magnum can resurface all sizes of pipe flanges.

Technical Services - Gas Turbine Services
Technical Services - Stator winding bump testing
Technical Services - Generator Services

Magnum can assist your plant with major overhauls on your gas turbine. Magnum has the experience to make your overhaul a success.

Magnum offers stator winding bump testing for generators stator windings. This test is an excellent way of analyzing the integrity of the winding structure. A detailed report is provided.

Detailed generator rotor inspections are offered by Magnum. Some inspection points include slip rings, windings, terminals, cooling passages, wedges and spacers.