Mechanical Services

mechanical services

Magnum Technical Services can provide skilled tradespeople for short or long-term industrial projects or regular maintenance needs. With technical expertise in many industrial markets and experience in a multitude of challenging projects, we aim to complete projects efficiently and professionally within your timelines.

We can supply multi-trade industrial services such as millwrights, welders, machinists,pipe fitters, heavy duty mechanics and skilled labour to industrial facilities in power generation, pulp and paper, oil and gas, grain handling, potash and more. The diversity and variety of industries in Saskatchewan and surrounding provinces is endless.

We know the importance of conducting regular maintenance on machinery and equipment. We can work with you on putting together a consistent service schedule to ensure your operations continue to run smoothly and without delays.

Our Mechanical Services include:

  • Completing required adjustment, repairs and alignment checks
  • Providing documented preventative maintenance inspections
  • Power mobile equipment inspection, service, and repair
  • Detailed assembly of rotating equipment
  • Pipe fitting and installation


Multi-trade contractor services
Mechanical Services - Pump Maintenance

Magnum has completed many projects that include a wide variety of pumps and piping systems. This service includes pipe threading, pipe insulating, valve service, pump rebuilds and alignment work.

Mechanical Services - Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance of pulp and paper processing equipment is a great fit for Magnum.

Mechanical Services - Plant Maintenance

Magnum offers project management services for projects large and small. We can manage the many facets of the job including supply of material, project planning and execution. 

Mechanical Services - Grain Processing

Magnum offers maintenance services on all types of food processing equipment including equipment rebuild as well as new equipment installations and commissioning. Working in this industry requires a very high level of cleanliness and attention to detail.

Mechanical Services - Equipment Maintenance Services

Magnum offers maintenance and overhaul services on all types of oil seed processing equipment. This includes expellers, presses, flakers, rolls and more.

Mechanical Services - Equipment Rebuild Services

Magnum offers supply of specialized bearings as well as rebuild services on many types of bearings large and small. Shown here is a large thrust bearing.